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Behavioral Health Services

At Victory Recovery Partners (VRP), we focus on treating “the whole patient” in order to best achieve long-term, lasting recovery. As such, behavioral health services are a core component of our program. Participation by patients is very important, although VRP designs a customized plan for each individual patient, as opposed to employing a “one size fits all” approach.

Behavioral health services consist of both one-on-one counseling sessions and group therapy meetings. Our behavioral health staff includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, licensed clinical social workers, and credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselors.

VRP also provides medication management services to assist patients who may be taking prescription medications to address other health conditions which are separate from their core substance use disorder.

Key Objectives

VRP’s behavioral health services are focused on two core objectives:

  1. Addressing underlying psychological issues that may have caused or contributed to their substance use disorder (such as trauma, depression, or any number of other issues)
  2. Providing patients with the coping skills and behavioral tools necessary to achieve long-term, lasting recovery.

Customized Patient Plan

Upon admission to the VRP program, our behavioral health services professionals craft a customized patient treatment plan.

Patients enter into a written treatment agreement with VRP that sets forth their goals, commitment to the program, and specific customized treatment plans.

The customized patient plan is reviewed with patients and among VRP clinical staff on a regular basis, with updates and adjustments made where necessary.

Personal Recovery Partner

When first admitted to the program, each VRP patient is assigned to a case worker who will be responsible for providing personalized assistance and coordinating the patient’s experience at VRP. Case workers are an integral component of the VRP clinical team. They play an important role in ensuring compliance and help patients through their recovery. Typically, VRP’s case workers are certified alcohol and substance abuse counselors (CASACs), some of whom are themselves in recovery from substance use disorder.

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They work with you and make you feel accepted. Really nice, genuine people. Shout out to Bruce and Kaitlyn.

— Anonymous

The staff is wonderful – very attentive, caring and accommodating. I’m really glad I made the switch from my last treatment center.

— Anonymous

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