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Group Therapy

What Group Therapy Is

In group therapy, patients participate together in sessions led by one of Victory Recovery Partners’ (VRP) highly trained mental health professionals. Sessions typically last approximately one hour and are comprised of up to 12 participants.

How Group Therapy Works

Group therapy gives recovering patients the opportunity to learn new coping techniques, practice their communication skills, and gain hope and strength from their peers. Here, patients meet men and women like themselves who are facing the same struggles with substance use disorder.

Group therapy provides a safe, supportive environment where patients can discuss their experiences with substance use disorder and recovery. These sessions reinforce one of the most important messages of addiction treatment: regardless of what the outcome of treatment may be, the client is not alone in his or her experiences with addiction.

Group therapy sessions may also involve the client’s families or significant others. Additionally, from time-to-time, patients’ individual therapists may also attend these sessions.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Both individual and group therapy have advantages VRP encourages patients to participate in both forms of therapy.

Individual therapy allows the client to receive intensive, focused attention and to discuss difficult issues in a private setting. For clients who are struggling with intense shame, guilt, or emotional pain, individual therapy can provide a safe outlet for self-expression.

Group therapy takes advantage of patients’ natural need to relate to others. Humans are social creatures, and in times of stress, we tend to seek out other people who can provide help, support, or understanding. Because addiction often destroys personal relationships, group therapy allows patients to develop new relational skills and build trust in others. In group settings, patients can practice their communication skills by learning how to talk and listen effectively, and how to set healthy boundaries with others.

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