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Wellness Care

Many substance use disorder patients are afflicted with other medical conditions (often related to addiction) that, if not treated, can impede recovery from substance use disorder.   Also, many of our patients do not obtain regular medical care or periodic check ups, so these other health conditions may not be adequately addressed.

We believe that in order to heal victims of substance use disorder, we must treat the “whole patient.”  That’s why Victory Recovery Partners (VRP) makes wellness care available to its patients via scheduled appointments with the experienced physicians and physician assistants at our outpatient addiction recovery centers.

Examples of conditions we treat through Wellness Care include:

  • Hepatitis C
  • Hypertension
  • Screenings for tuberculosis and HIV
  • Diabetes

Conditions not treated with wellness care include:

  • Cold, flu symptoms
  • Cuts, abrasions, fractures
  • Walk-ins or treatment for typical urgent care services


Be advised that wellness care is not available unless patients are enrolled in Victory’s core outpatient addiction recovery services.

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