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Relapse Triggers and the Holiday Season

Relapse Triggers and the Holiday Season

While the movies portray the holiday season as a festive time full of happiness and love, the reality for many is that the weight of anxiety, sadness, and depression can take hold and lead to relapses in substance use disorder during this time period. Some factors that can contribute to holiday relapses include finances (or lack thereof), family problems, or even the realization that there is nobody in your life to celebrate with.

Here at Victory Recovery Partners, we know all too well about what can happen when the holidays are not-so-happy and how certain circumstances can affect those who suffer from substance dependency, as well as their families.


During this time of year, individuals battling substance use disorder face what are known as relapse triggers. The most common triggers can be broken out into a few categories:


While we hope that your holidays are filled with positive experiences, we understand the reality of relapse triggers. It’s important that you know that Victory Recovery Partners is here to offer you additional support and counseling. Just call us, book an appointment online, or come see us.

In the meantime, here are some tips for getting through the season and maintaining your recovery:

Substance use disorder has no rules. It doesn’t play favorites and it has the potential to afflict those you would least expect. If you or someone you love is struggling with their recovery this holiday season, Victory Recovery Partners is here to help. Our experienced staff is trained in addiction medicine, as well as emergency medicine. We’re here to provide you with the convenient, high-quality medical care you need and deserve. Visit our website or call us today at 631-696-HELP (4357).

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