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Relapse Prevention

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Victory Recovery Partners

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Many people in recovery for a substance use disorder relapse. A relapse doesn’t mean you or your treatment has failed. However, relapse prevention is possible when you have the right support. Victory Recovery Partners in Hempstead, Farmingville, Shirley, Hicksville, and Massapequa, New York, has a comprehensive program that provides you with the tools, therapy, and support you need for relapse prevention. To get help for your addiction, call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.

Relapse Prevention Q & A

What is relapse?

Relapse occurs when you start using substances or alcohol after being drug-free for a set period of time. Addiction is a chronic disease that requires a change in deeply rooted behaviors and beliefs. 

Like any chronic disease, you need ongoing medical care, monitoring, and support to manage your addiction. Relapse doesn’t mean you failed; it only means you need to resume or modify your treatment plan. 

Victory Recovery Partners has an addiction treatment program that takes a whole-person approach to care. The comprehensive program supports your recovery and provides the tools and support you need to prevent a relapse.

What is relapse prevention?

Relapse prevention is an important part of your substance use disorder treatment plan. It focuses on providing you with all the treatments you need to stay substance-free. 

It’s not uncommon for people being discharged from an inpatient rehab program to relapse, especially if they are not engaged in outgoing “aftercare” or outpatient treatment. That’s because they lack the outside support they need to maintain their sobriety.

Seeing a need for ongoing care and management of addiction, Victory Recovery Partners aims to bridge that gap in recovery care, providing a cost-effective, convenient outpatient substance use disorder program.

By design, the program helps to prevent a relapse. And, when a relapse occurs, it provides the support you need to regain your sobriety, without bringing to bear judgment or shame which is generally counterproductive. 

What are the treatments for relapse prevention?

Victory Recovery Partners provides a wide range of services for relapse prevention. Some of the treatments available include:

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

Addiction is a disease that affects the brain, triggering cravings and compulsions that make it hard to stop using. Victory Recovery Partners offers MAT to ease cravings and reduce withdrawal symptoms to support your recovery.

The comprehensive addiction recovery centers offer many medications including Suboxone® (for opioid addiction), Sublocade® injections (for opioid addiction), Probuphine® implants (for opioid dependence), and Vivitrol® (naltrexone) injections (for alcohol or opioid addiction) to treat various many types of addictions.

Individual counseling

Individual counseling and behavioral therapy can be important companions to MAT. Talking to a trained professional about your addiction gives you insight into your substance use and an opportunity to learn new healthy behaviors to prevent relapse.

Family counseling

Family counseling can also be part of the relapse prevention program at Victory Recovery Partners. Addiction affects the entire family.

Group counseling

Meeting with people who have similar experiences helps you feel less alone and gives you people to turn to when facing a crisis that could result in relapse.

Anger management

Recovering from an addiction triggers a roller coaster of emotions, including anger. Anger management at Victory Recovery Partners may prevent you from seeking substances or alcohol to numb your feelings. 

Relapse prevention at Victory Recovery Partners is customized just for you. To learn more about the programs, call the office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.