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Only 1 in 4 Opioid Users Receive Proper Medication Treatment

Receiving proper care and treatment in a timely manner for opioid use is key to a patient’s recovery. Unfortunately, statistics show that only 1 in 4 opioid users receive the medications that would assist with their treatment and recovery.
Jul 9th, 2024

Fentanyl and Its Role in Addiction

Drug and alcohol addictions continue to rise in America, and we see first-hand the devastating effects that this has on our patients and their families. One drug that has become much more prevalent is fentanyl. Fentanyl is extremely dangerous and addictive
Jun 28th, 2024

The Five Stages of Alcoholism

At Victory, we frequently work with patients who struggle using substances such as alcohol. Drinking alcohol in moderation is not necessarily bad for you – however, if the consumption is too much and too frequent, an addiction and dependence can develop.
Jun 14th, 2024

Benefits of Group Therapy in Addiction Recovery

To further the feeling of being connected to each other, we offer group counseling as one of our methods for treating one’s addiction to drugs and alcohol. There are many benefits of group therapy that allow patients to discover that they are not alone. 
Jun 6th, 2024

Drug Addiction and the Brain

Drug addiction affects our body's most complicated organ - the brain. Drug addiction negatively impacts our brains, and it can result in many health issues, too. Continued drug use can lead to heart disease, stroke, cancer, and even death by an overdose.
May 29th, 2024

Medication Management and Its Role in Treating Addiction

Medication management is used to ensure that patients are only taking medications that they need, while also making sure the patients are receiving doses that are best suited to helping them progress and maintain their health.
May 23rd, 2024

Myths and Misconceptions about Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol use is widely accepted in our culture, causing us to sometimes forget that it is a drug. Since alcohol is so commonly used in our society, it is important for the users to know just how much alcohol can affect our bodies.
May 17th, 2024

Dealing With Urges to Drink

Having an urge to drink while you're trying to become sober can be very difficult to handle. Here are some tips and advice to help you manage those cravings and overcome your addiction.
May 3rd, 2024

Drug and Alcohol Use in the Workplace

When someone suffers from an addiction to drugs and alcohol, the addiction is a 24-hour, 7 days-per-week battle. Individuals suffering from an addiction often have substance use issues in the workplace, resulting in problems in the employee’s performance.
Apr 26th, 2024

Alcohol Addiction and The Effects on Health

Alcohol addiction and alcohol use disorder (AUD) affect many of our patients. While each patient has their own unique history and story, these patients share a common trait – alcohol has become a drug that has negatively impacted their daily functioning.
Apr 18th, 2024

Important and Useful Ways to Overcome Addiction

At Victory, we see first-hand how the struggles of addiction can impact the lives of both the user, and their friends and family. The good news is there are many useful ways and tips that can help you or someone you know overcome addiction to lead a better
Mar 27th, 2024

More Users are Dying from Smoking, Rather Than Injecting Drugs

Recent studies have found that more drug users are dying from smoking drugs rather than injecting them. At Victory, we are continuously working with patients who suffer from addictions to drugs and alcohol. Learn more about these new statistics from the C
Feb 26th, 2024

Drug Use and Addiction Explained

Drug addiction can affect and harm anyone. Let's take a look at what drug addiction is, along with the negative consequences that can arise from continued use.
Jan 17th, 2024

Victory Recovery Partners is Now Offering Methadone

Victory Recovery Partners strives to help its patients overcome their addictions and lead better and healthier lives. Victory Recovery Partners is now offering Methadone Treatment at its Farmingville location.
Jan 2nd, 2024

Reasons Why Teens Drink and Try Drugs

Teenagers have a high level of curiosity when it comes to trying new things. Specifically, teenagers often experiment with drugs and alcohol as a way to either rebel or fit in with their friends. Let's discuss the reasons why teens drink and try drugs.
Dec 13th, 2023

Can You Have Fun Without Drinking?

If you are trying to become sober, you may feel like you’re “missing out” by saying “no” to alcohol. There are many ways for you to still enjoy yourself, even without alcohol. Let’s discuss it!
Dec 7th, 2023

Victory Recovery Partners Hires Dawn Harris

Victory Recovery Partners announced that it has hired Ms. Dawn Harris to serve as Executive Director – Behavioral Health, responsible for the company’s flagship site at Farmingville, NY.
Feb 28th, 2020

Is Marijuana Addictive?

Currently, marijuana is fully legalized in 11 states. In 30 other states, it is either decriminalized, legal for medicinal use, or a combination of both. In fact, marijuana is only entirely illegal in just nine states, and the laws are changing every day.
Nov 27th, 2019

What Is Hepatitis C?

What Is Hepatitis C? Victory has diagnosed an above-average incidence of Hepatitis C among its substance use disorder patients. When properly diagnosed, this disease can be treated and cured. In fact, over the last year Victory has cured more than...
Nov 5th, 2019

Sublocade™ and Suboxone® Treatment Offer Hope

Every day, lives are being saved with medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for those who are ready to face their opioid addiction and begin the road to recovery. With opioid overdoses claiming an average of four lives every hour, every day...
Oct 28th, 2019

Victory Recovery Partners Hires New President

Victory Recovery Partners announced that it has hired Don McCabe to join the company as President and Chief Financial Officer, effective immediately. He will oversee all of Victory’s operations and report to the company’s Board.
Sep 20th, 2019

An Island in Crisis

(Farmingville, NY – December 17, 2018) With 2018 coming to an end, Victory Recovery Partners, Long Island’s newest specialized center for the recovery of opioid use disorder, located in Farmingville, tackles an island in crisis.
Jun 17th, 2019

Victory Recovery Partners Receives Oasas Certification

(Farmingville, NY – February 25, 2019) Victory Recovery Partners (VRP) announced today it has been designated by the New York Office of Addiction Services and Support (OASAS) as an OASAS Addiction Treatment Center.
Jun 17th, 2019

Fentanyl – Not Your Average Heroin

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is similar to morphine, but 50-to-100 times more potent. Like morphine, it is a medicine typically used to treat patients with severe pain, especially after surgery. However, fentanyl is also made illegally...
Mar 15th, 2019

Opioid Dependency | Taking the First Steps to Recovery

Recovery begins from within. It only requires a positive outlook and a belief in yourself. To successfully start recovery from substance use disorder, it’s essential to work with trained professionals who understand your struggle. We know it can be...
Jan 31st, 2019

The Consequences of Substance Use Disorder

Now that you understand the facts about today’s opioid crisis, it’s essential to explore the consequences of substance use disorder. In addition to taking tens of thousands of lives, addiction tears families apart, deprives individuals of...
Jan 31st, 2019

The Facts About Today’s Opioid Epidemic

The opioid overdose crisis in the United States has reached epidemic proportions. President Trump even went so far as to declare this a public health emergency in October of 2017. Individuals, businesses, and healthcare providers across...
Jan 31st, 2019

Stress and Its Relationship With the Immune System

It’s a fact: A weak immune system can lead to serious illness. But what many people don’t know is that one of the major factors which depletes the immune system is stress. Moreover, stress and physical illness are two major triggers for substance...
Dec 13th, 2018

Relapse Triggers and the Holiday Season

While the movies portray the holiday season as a festive time full of happiness and love, the reality for many is that the weight of anxiety, sadness, and depression can take hold and lead to relapses in substance use disorder during this time period.
Dec 13th, 2018